Leg Iron Outfitters

What to Bring

We hunt many types of blinds, as well as different locations, including anything from flooded timber to dry fields. You will want to bring:

  • Waders
  • Rubber boots
  • A face mask or face paint

    Always be prepared for cold conditions.
    If we are hunting snow geese, it can get pretty warm some days so dress in layers.

    Ammo: We use 3" #2-4 for ducks. As for snow geese we use 3" BB’s.

    For SNOW GEESE ONLY you use unplugged guns and mag extensions.

    What to bring while in the field:
  • Something to drink while hunting.
  • Snacks to munch on.
  • Extra gloves, hand warmers.

    We recommend extra choke tubes as well, depending on how birds are working.

    Leg Iron Outfitters now has hoodies and hats available for purchase.

    Hoodies (White or Brown) $35.00

    Hats (White or Brown Camo) $20.00